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Pantry Highlights
Marty Spillman
Meet Our Volunteers
Sue Cutler
Marty has volunteered at the Gladiolus Food Pantry since it
began in 2013.  She manages the canned and boxed foods
that come into the pantry.  She coordinates checking dates,
marking, sorting, and storing the items.  She knows what the
pantry has and which items should go out onto the shelves so
that the food is always current.  Marty works hard to make the
Gladiolus Food Pantry run smoothly.
Sue began volunteering at the Gladiolus Food Pantry since
its beginning.  She trains new volunteers.  She volunteers
on Tuesdays to get things ready for Wednesday when we
are open.  She comes in early on Wednesdays to make
sure that the fresh produce is sorted and placed on the
shelves.  Sue is a valuable volunteer to the Gladiolus Food
Marty's Words
Sue's Words
When I retired, I was looking for something to do.  Friends told
me that a new food pantry was getting started in Harlem
Heights.  I decided to try it out.  I enjoyed it and stayed.  The
people involved in the Gladiolus Food Pantry have become my
family.  Of the many great experiences I have had at the
Gladiolus Food Pantry, the most memorable are getting to
know the individuals and families who shop at the Gladiolus
Food Pantry.
I volunteer at the Gladiolus Food Pantry because it is
important that I do whatever I can to help anyone in need.  We
are all citizens of this planet and we need to take care of each
other, especially our neighbors.  The Harlem Heights
Community is my neighbor so it is a natural fit.  One of the
most memorable moments was the evening we lost power and
had no lighting or access to the computers.  But troopers that
we are, we stayed open for the full two hours and served the
many families who came for food without a hitch.
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