Gladiolus Food Pantry, Inc.
Nonprofit  Organization
10511 Gladiolus Dr.
Fort  Myers, Fl. 33908
Phone:  239 437 8122
Pantry Highlights
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Gladiolus Food Pantry,   10511 Gladiolus Dr. Fort Myers, Fl. 33908
Hours:  Wednesday 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM  &  5:00 PM to 7:00 PM  
Past Highlights
Gladiolus Food Pantry Volunteers Helping With Irma Recovery
Taking Care of Irma Repairs.
After Hurricane Irma paid a visit to
Southwest Florida, most (especially
those without power) were in need of
some cooling off. The Gladiolus Food
Pantry opened for a special distribution
of water, ice, and Power Ade.  Our
volunteers worked hard and our clients,
as always, were appreciative.
The number of cars almost caused a
traffic jam.
We delivered to the clients' cars which
proved most efficient.
A family is glad that the Gladiolus Food
Pantry was here to help after Irma.
Food kept coming in from
individuals to help after Irma