Gladiolus Food Pantry, Inc.
Nonprofit  Organization
10511 Gladiolus Dr.
Fort  Myers, Fl. 33908
Phone:  239 437 8122
Pantry Highlights
Getting Ready For Gladiolus Food Pantry's
Wednesday Shopping Takes Many Hands
And Many Hours
Gladiolus Food Pantry Is
Thankful For The Harry
Chapin Food Bank
Gladiolus Food Pantry Volunteer,
Ron  Awaits The Harry Chapin Food
Bank Truck On Wednesday Mornings
The Harry Chapin Food Bank Drivers
Help The Gladiolus Food Pantry
Volunteers Unload The Food.
Behind The Scenes
Workers Are Needed Both
Inside And Outside Early
Wednesday Morning
Gladiolus Food Pantry Volunteers Sort
Fruits And Vegetables And Tidy The
Food Pantry
Gladiolus Food Pantry Volunteers,
Rick & Paul, Who Grill Hot Dogs Are
Much Appreciated By The Families
Waiting Their Turn To Shop
Gladiolus Food Pantry,   10511 Gladiolus Dr. Fort Myers, Fl. 33908
Hours:  Wednesday 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM  &  5:00 PM to 7:00 PM  
The Gladiolus Food Pantry is an equal opportunity provider.
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