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Pantry Highlights
A Big THANK YOU from the Gladiolus
Food Pantry to everyone who helped
make this a Happy Holiday Season.  
The bounty of food that we were able
to give for the holidays was
wonderful.  Even Santa Claus came to
brighten the day.
If you pick the right key to unlock the box you get
a prize.  This was enjoyed by young & old alike.
Everyone got into the Holiday Spirit
This New Year of 2018 promises many
exciting times for the Gladiolus Food Pantry.  
For one thing March will mark our 5th year of
operations. For the month of January we
want to highlight one of the many Churches
that support our pantry along with two special
Gladiolus Food Pantry
Volunteer, Julie working in the
Florida's weather makes it difficult
to garden in the summer, but Dan
has  found vegetables that thrive
in summer's heat.
Dan likes to experiment and find
vegetables that are nutritious and
people like to eat.
FGCU students working in the
garden plots that the Fort Myers
Christian Church has lent to the
Gladiolus Food Pantry.
Gladiolus Food Pantry Volunteers,
Judy, Miriam, Amparo, and Jose with
Pastor Zach in Garden.
Pastor Zach from Fort Myers Christian Church said that while things were formulating
in his mind as to what to do with the property behind the Church, a parishioner, named
Elizabeth approached him with the idea to use the property to grow vegetables with
good nutrition.  David, a master gardener was instrumental in starting work on the
garden and suggested the food be given to the Gladiolus Food Pantry.  The garden is
called "Camps Memorial Garden" in honor of David's father.  
Volunteers fro Gladiolus Food Pantry,
FGCU Students Body and Parishioners
of Fort Myers Christian Church work
together to make the garden grow.
Dan & Roberta are Gladiolus Food Pantry's
Featured Volunteers This Month.
Dan said that he volunteers at the
Gladiolus Food Pantry because he
feels fortunate to have had a good
career and now is able to give back.
Dan decided to volunteer at the
Gladiolus Food Pantry and work in the
garden. His interest in gardening
began at an early age. When Dan was
a young boy, his parents decided to
remodel their house.  Since Dan was
allergic to dust, he went to live with his
grandmother, who taught him to
Roberta said that she volunteers at the
Gladiolus Food Pantry because the
Pantry makes a difference in many
people's lives.  She helps Dan in the
Fort Myers Christian Church
not only provides us with
garden space--18 plots--but
also donates rice and beans to
the Gladiolus Food Pantry.
Pastor Zachary Seitz
Church members and pantry volunteers bag rice
Volunteers from Gladiolus Food Pantry and Fort Myers
Christian Church work together to bag rice and beans.
Never too young to learn to share.
Pastor Zach  is
"hands On"
A job well done
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