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Pantry Highlights
Past Highlights
January was a busy month.  We served record
breaking numbers of families.  We also want to
highlight two very special volunteers at the
Gladiolus Food Pantry.
Seated With Janet,Connie & Walt
Mary was a seamstress by profession.  She
has a talent for designing and sewing
dresses.  Mary said that she thinks every
little girl should have a new dress at least
once in her life.  That is why Mary
occasionally surprises a little girl with a
dress that she has made. Mary says that
"My joy is seeing the smiles on the little
girls' faces as they hug their new

Mary also takes care to make sure that the
bread and bakery goods are displayed
well.  She helps families find the things that
they want.
Don, Mary, & Miriam
Gladiolus Food Pantry and
the families we serve want
to thank Mary & Don for all
they do.
Don was an automotive engineer.  He
designed steering, brakes and other
things connected with an automobile.  
He learned to cut hair in the Navy.  Don
says that he wants to give back by
helping people.  Don says, "I love to cut
hair and talk with the men while I cut
their hair."   Some of the men said that
they were able to get jobs because they
had a good haircut for the interview. In
2017, Don gave 372 free haircuts at the
Gladiolus Food Pantry.
Don, Giving A Haircut
Gladiolus Food Pantry's
Front gets a new coat of
paint from some
parishioners of Peace
Lutheran Church.
The Gladiolus Food Pantry Volunteers
were busy not only at the food pantry but
also at the Harry Chapin 10th Annual Hunger
Walk, and the Homeless Service Day and
Veterans Stand Down.
Harry Chapin Hunger Walk 2018
Homeless ServiceDay and Veteran's Stand Down 2018
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